Many people ask 'what is skydiving all about?' and 'Why would anyone want to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane?!' Why? Because Skydiving is the adventure of a lifetime!

There are drop zones and skydiving schools all over the states where you can do a tandem skydive, strapped to the front of a tandem master. 

The crew at Adrenaline have brought together the best operators around America. So your first skydive will always be with a reputable skydiving centre with the highest safety standards.

Most people expect that free falling towards the earth will be an uncontrollable experience. In fact, there's no falling feeling at all - it's a sensation of flying high above the earth with the best view in the world!

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Las Vegas
Los Angeles
Skydive Orlando, Lake Wales - 14,000ft Jump
The fastest way to reach 120MPH is to go skydiving in Lake Wales! Live the most… Learn more
Skydive Orlando, Tampa Bay - 11,000ft Jump
Not everyone has what it takes to jump out of a perfectly good airplane – and… Learn more
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$60 (30.2%)
Skydive Las Vegas, Weekend - 13,000ft Jump
A Las Vegas tandem skydive may not be the only source for an adrenaline rush in Vegas, but… Learn more
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$10 (5%)
Skydive Houston, Sealy - 14,000ft Jump Weekends
Get a little wild and crazy this weekend and fly through Houston's sky at 120 mph!… Learn more
List Price:
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$30 (13.1%)
Skydive Orlando, Tampa Bay - 15,000ft Jump
Jump with USPA-licensed instructors from 15,000ft near Tampa Bay. See beautiful coastal… Learn more
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$100 (37.2%)
Skydiving Chicago - 9,000ft Jump
Skydiving is an experience unlike any other. The thrill of free falling thousands of… Learn more
Skydive Houston, Sealy - 14,000ft Jump Weekdays
Looking to shake up things up a bit? How about flying through Houston's sky at 120 mph!… Learn more
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$20 (10.1%)
Skydiving Atlanta - 14,000ft Jump
Jump from 14,000ft at this Georgia dropzone. Tandem skydiving is the ultimate extreme… Learn more
Skydive Austin - 10,000ft Jump
Take a ride with an experienced jumper and feel the exhilaration of skydiving. A tandem… Learn more
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I have always wanted to skydive, and now my dream became a reality literally overnight. I will be back for more...
Neva H
Larry M
My boyfriend and I had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute of our adventure. It was both our first time skydiving and we definately plan on getting certified to jump on or own. I would like to give a special thanks to the staff that made this experience unforgetable!
awesome thrill.. experience of a life time
I had the best day of my life and I booked it through Adrenaline365, and enjoyed it at Chicago Skydive Center(thanks again Mike)
Steve H

Tandem Skydive

Tandem Skydiving is the fastest and easiest way to experience the excitement of freefall skydiving, life's ultimate thrill. You will be attached to the front of an experienced Tandem Jump Master and encounter the awesome sensation of a tandem skydive. All the thrills without the intensive training or responsibility of opening your own parachute.

You'll begin your adventure by being kitted out in a jump suit. Following this, is a simple ground briefing including a few 'dirt dives' (a practice exit from a mock-up plane) along with an overview of canopy control and landing procedures. You then climb into the plane, take-off and begin the twenty-minute climb to an altitude of between 9, 000 - 18,000 ft, depending which skydiving school you attend.

When you reach this point, a final systems check is carried out. You have now reached the point of no return. The only way down is to jump! Nothing can prepare you for the sensation of stepping into the sky. As the adrenaline rush kicks in, you'll feel like you're floating on a cushion of air for 60 seconds as you travel at over 120 mph in a 8,000ft freefall. The wind rushes into your face and the heart is racing.

If you are having your jump videoed, a cameraman will appear as if from no where and station himself in front of you to capture the excitement forever. At about 5,000ft the parachute is deployed. The silence is amazing, the view sensational and during the 5-minute descent you will be taught how to fly the parachute to a gentle landing.

Skydiving is one of life's greatest adventures. The feeling is indescribable, and the buzz lasts for weeks. Learning skydiving is a must for those who love to fly!

If you just want a taste of being a skydiver, a tandem skydive is the way to go!

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