Scenic Flights

Scenic Flights

There's just no better view of than the breathtaking vistas that open up when you get up in the clouds.

And whether you're looking for a peaceful float in the clouds or a high-altitude thrill to go with that majestic scenery, we've got you covered.

Adrenaline scenic flights include …

Small airplanes
Sea planes
Stunt planes
Hot air balloons

Drift romantically on the gentle breeze, roll and dive for thrills or just get up in the clouds to take in the view.  Adrenaline's scenic flights will take you there!

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Hot Air Balloon Ride North Phoenix - 1 Hour Flight
Phoenix is one of the largest cities in the US. It occupies nearly 250 square… Learn more
List Price:
You Save:
$10 (5.9%)
Helicopter Tour Chicago - 30 Minute Flight
Enjoy views of the second city in first class style, while sitting in the passenger seat… Learn more
List Price PP:
Price PP:
You Save PP:
$13 (6.6%)
Hot Air Balloon Ride Phoenix, Sunset - 1 Hour Flight
Sunset flights are only available November through March. You will meet… Learn more
Helicopter Ride Las Vegas Strip - VIP Night Tour
Travel the strip in style, high atop the famed landmarks and neon lights. With this VIP… Learn more
List Price:
You Save:
$20 (13.4%)
Hot Air Balloon Ride Chandler - 1 Hour Flight
Arizona landscapes take on a whole new dimension when seen from 1,000 feet above sunny… Learn more
List Price:
You Save:
$20 (11.2%)
Private Helicopter Tour of Chicago for Two - 30 Minute Flight
Romantic, serene, exclusive, celebration are all words that come to… Learn more
List Price PP:
Price PP:
You Save PP:
$10 (4%)
Hot Air Balloon Ride Scottsdale - 1 Hour Flight
Scottsdale residents are mere minutes from this North Phoenix launch site, owned and… Learn more
List Price:
You Save:
$20 (11.2%)
Hot Air Balloon Ride Albuquerque, (October 3rd-12th Only) - 1 Hour Flight
From October 3rd to the 12th, Albuquerque's skyline… Learn more
Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour, West Rim - 70 Minutes
70 minute helicopter flight featuring the West Rim of the Grand Canyon … Learn more
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(39 customer reviews)
Your pilot Ryan was Awesome. This was a Birthday gift for my 16 year old son and he was blown away. Thanks for the wonderful experience and a life time memory.
Doris P
We had a great time !
wally N
Ryan was an excellent pilot and guide.
Brad R
Great experience!
Gayathri S
The pilot Ryan was very kind a knowledgeable about the city.
dave m
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