Scenic Flights

There's just no better view of than the breathtaking vistas that open up when you get up in the clouds.

And whether you're looking for a peaceful float in the clouds or a high-altitude thrill to go with that majestic scenery, we've got you covered.

Adrenaline scenic flights include …

Small airplanes
Sea planes
Stunt planes
Hot air balloons

Drift romantically on the gentle breeze, roll and dive for thrills or just get up in the clouds to take in the view.  Adrenaline's scenic flights will take you there!

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Helicopter Tour Chicago - 30 Minute Flight
Enjoy views of the second city in first class style, while sitting in the passenger seat… Learn more
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Hot Air Balloon Ride, Park City - 1 Hour Flight
Float the Park City Skies with the best pilots around during this serene hot air… Learn more
Private Helicopter Tour of Chicago for Two - 30 Minute Flight
Romantic, serene, exclusive, celebration are all words that come to… Learn more
Price PP:
Chicago Skyline Adventure Flight Lesson, Includes 2 Passengers - 1 Hour
Are You Ready to Fly? If “learning to fly an airplane”… Learn more
Seaplane Scenic Flight, Miami Skyline Tour - 30 Minute Flight
View the Miami skyline with an exciting seaplane tour. Made famous… Learn more
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$32 (20%)
Schaumburg Flight Lesson, Includes 2 Passengers - 30 minutes
Are You Ready to Fly? If “learning to fly an airplane” is on your… Learn more
Downtown Adventure Flight Lesson - Chicago
Your flight will begin over the Northern Suburbs of Chicago; from there you will head… Learn more
Seaplane Scenic Flight, Miami and Surrounding Beaches - 1 Hour Flight
Embark on an unforgettable one-hour seaplane tour of Miami and… Learn more
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Warbird Flight and Piloting, Orlando - 15 Minute Flight
Jump behinds the controls of the ‘Pilot-Maker’ for a 15 minute flight in a T-6… Learn more
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(13 customer reviews)
Ryan was great on the Helicopter tour, my husband and I want to go again every season!
Kyla M
We had a great time !
wally N
Ryan was an excellent pilot and guide.
Brad R
This was a "Bucket List" item for my mother-in-law (91) and her sister (86). Ryan was an exceptional pilot and made them feel at ease. They and myself enjoyed the flight immensely.
Bill P

The biplane ride was amazing and our pilot Rhett was great! This was my boyfriend's childhood dream! Thank you!

Amy T
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